Michael Bodnarchuk: Effective end-to-end Testing with CodeceptJS

Feb 7, 2019. 10:00 - 18:00

Minsk, Renaissance Hotel

JavaScript is a new Eldorado for automation testing. Unlike other ecosystems, testing in JavaScrip is not limited to Selenium. JavaScript is a modern flexible language – it has different tools for automating browser.

How to build effective JavaScript tests? We will take CodeceptJS, a meta-framework which allows to write test once and execute them via WebDriver, Protractor, Puppeteer or Nightmare. CodeceptJS provides a declarative way of writing tests. With CodeceptJS you can start writing tests from the first minutes.

You will learn:

  • basics of modern JavaScript (ES7), working with promises
  • learn pros and cons of different browser engines: WebDriver, Protractor, Puppeteer
  • writing basic browser tests using CodeceptJS
  • using interactive pause to write test as it goes
  • setting up page objects
  • retrying flaky steps
  • using locator builder


1. CodeceptJS Overview
Architecture: actos, helpers, tests
Managing asynchronity: recorder, recorder sessions
WebDriver helper (pros and cons)
Protractor helper (pros and cons)
Puppeteer helper (pros and cons)
Nightmare helper (pros and cons)

2. Writing Tests
Scenario and Features
async/await operators in tests
using interactive pause
`within` operator
locator builder

3. Reusing Test Code
Page Objects (and Page Fragments)
Actor classes
Setup and Teardown


Michael Bodnarchuk


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Who will be interested

* Test automation engineers who would like to do end to end testing in JavaScript. For you, basic knowledge of JavaScript is required. If you ever executed something in DevTools console, you probably have it.
* Experienced in JavaScript test automation engineers who would like to try a new tool. If you have experience using Protractor, webdriverio, Puppeteer - you will see how efficiently use your familiar tools under the hood of CodeceptJS


* Laptop (Mac, Linux preferred)
* NodeJS 8.9+ installed
* Java + Selenium installed (optionally)
* Chrome browser

For Companies:
you want to pay via bank transfer, just Fill the Form and mention Workshop name in requisites.

Price - 115 BYN

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