Learn AI automation with Minecraft

The words ‘artificial intelligence’ are widely used these days. However, courses on AI usually are quite boring. What about a crash course using the most popular game of the year? Even if it might seem as a ‘game for children’, Minecraft AI bots are currently being used for research by big, serious companies, besides all level students.
This kick start session on Minecraft automation and AI does not require you to have any prior knowledge, but if you have it, all the more fun! It also does not require you to have played the game (but I cannot guarantee you would not like to play it afterwards)
We will get to know how to write programs with Minecraft using a mod called ComputerCraft and see a demo for it.
Then, we will learn about another mod, AIX, that allows you to program AI bots. We will see another demo of it functioning while understanding some basic AI concepts.
Finally, we will discuss applications, current researches and funny stories.



Noemi Ferrera

Noemi Ferrera

Solutions architect,

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