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Delex Conference (8.02.2019 — 9.02.2019), Renaissance Hotel, Minsk, Belarus

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07.11.18 — 22.11.18

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23.11.18 — 16.01.19

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17.01.19 — 08.02.19

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If you are a business bird and buying from a company or any other oranization you could be interested in bank transfer or any other option of payment by a legal entity. We are able to get such a payment, just fill the form and we’ll help you to buy profitably. By the way, if you buy more than 5 tickets you’ll save 5%.

Если вы покупаете от компании или какой-либо организации, возможно вам будет удобнее оплатить по безналичному расчёту. Для безналичного платёжа заполните форму по кнопке «fill the form». Кстати, если вы покупаете более 5-то билетов у нас предусмотрена скидка в 5%.

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Delex Workshops (6.02.2019 — 7.02.2019), Renaissance Hotel, Minsk, Belarus

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325 BYN

~150 USD

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Refund information

We return 75% of ticket price with exclusion of payment system commission, in case your registration was canceled more than 3 weeks before the conference date. If registration was cancelled less than 3 weeks before the conference date your payment is not refunded. Change of the participant is possible.