Frontend as a Service automated testing: layers and CI pipelines, based on Tinkoff experience

Modern software is different from what we’ve been used to seeing for years. Software as a service is a trend to provide API in modern development, but frontend is not far behind and can be provided as a SaaS. Also era of microservices is raging in backend development and services/microservices are coming in frontend development too. All this exists within the framework of a rigidly described API, and contract tests, and your fate is to thoroughly test the frontend at various levels, and various combinations. The talk will bring the light about the typical frontend project structure, testing levels like unit, functional, integration,  principles of building CI / CD, the selected tools, their pros and cons, and how it goes from commit to release based on Tinkoff bank experience.


  • Typical modern frontend project example – architecture and layers
  • Testing layer for frontend
  • What is unit tests for frontend(review, tools, coverage)?
  • Integration tests for frontend and oher test layers
  • DOM vs Browser automation
  • CI/CD based on changed objects


Dzmitry Prakapuk

Dzmitry Prakapuk

Lead Software Test Automation Engineer, EPAM Systems

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