Next Gen Front end testing with DevTools and WebDriver

This talk will look at some challenges we face during testing and automating features like location based features, bandwidth simulation, network interception etc with Selenium WebDriver and how that can be solved with DevTools, and in particular, Chrome DevTools.

Chrome DevTools is one of the most useful web developer tools. It allows you to get comprehensive information about the page and requests and emulate mobile browsers on slow devices.

Some of the blockers which we faced with Webdriver was to automate:

  • Getting events from browser like when specific network call completed
  • Setting the fake geo-location from your WebDriver scripts
  • Updating the user-agent
  • Mocking the web response by intercepting the traffic
  • Simulating network bandwidth especially for Mobile Chrome

As our team had built a good number of a test cases with user-journeys it was hard for us to move out of Webdriver and rewrite all our tests. So we decided to take the advantage of chrome dev tools API which uses web socket communication and implements our selenium web driver test to access all the API.

An outcome of Session:

A demo about how you can use the power of DevTools in Selenium tests and how to make the debugging more convenient.



Fathima Harris

Fathima Harris

Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks

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